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There is something very strange about this water droplet.  The outside is formed by layers of a  ring structure that is ice like and the inside is packed with lots of positive charged ions of water that got trapped within. These shielded positive charges mean the droplet has a net negative charge and we are looking at a tiny battery. The fact that this exists is amazing.  Those packed positive charges should repel each other and blow this thing apart.  Why hasn’t that happened?  We will answer that next based on our experiments with lasers and Subtle Energy infused water.

​Here is a diagram of what we think our Subtle Energy infused water looks like based the idea of Dr. Pollack’s water droplet. We came to this conclusion because the sample of our Subtle Energy infused water shows up with a red laser pointer.  Normally, if one shines a red laser pointer at a glass of water in a darkened room the beam does not show in the water.  That is because as far as visible light is concerned, red is a big wavelength and it takes something as big or bigger than it for it to show up.  In the case of our Subtle Energy infused water, the path of the laser beam can be seen, indicating some kind of large structure has formed in the water, so we have the large crystal like structure which is made of lots of tiny droplets.   Now here is the answer to the big question why don’t the positive charges packed inside the droplet blow apart the droplet?  It is a fundamental law of physics and chemistry that like charges repel and unlike attract.  The stability of the droplet reveals that the reason why Subtle Energy causes huge exceptions to our laws of science is it flips the law of electrostatic attraction.  In the presence of Subtle Energy like charges attract and opposite charges repel!  Like charges attracting each other and unlike repelling can be considered scientific heresy, but lets look at something in science that cannot be easily explained.  In fluorescence an electron gets excited and rises to a higher orbital.  When it drops back down to its original orbital it emits the light we see.  According to the laws of motion an object in motion remains in motion until acted upon by an outside force.  The Nucleus is positive.  The Electron is negative.  When it is coming down toward the Nucleus there is nothing to stop it and in fact the normal law of electrostatic attraction should accelerate the Electron until it crashes into the Nucleus.  But that doesn't happen.  Maybe the reason is the forces within the atom, that is between the Nucleus and the Electron cloud, are Subtle Energy?

To explain why the Subtle Energy infused water seems to increase when mechanical energy is added, (Inversion), the Subtle Energy is stored inside the droplet.  When it is broken due to inversion, some of the stored energy is released.  This newly released Subtle Energy then forms more droplets with stored energy.  Energy Medicine works because these energy packets and the released energy are used by the body to create electricity, which runs the cells.

Here is a quote from Vibrational Medicine about the research of Dr. Burr who was the head of the life sciences department at Yale… “Burr also experimented with the electrical fields around tiny seedlings.  According to his research, the electrical field around a seeded sprout was not the shape of the original seed.  Instead the surrounding electrical field resembled the adult plant.”  Other researchers in the 1940’s, the time when Burr was doing his research, such as Semyon Kirlian, studied the energy fields by looking at the light that was generated.  Here is another quote from Vibrational Medicine… “Kirlian studied the same electrical fields of the body, but his electrographic techniques translated Burr’s electrical measurements into visual characteristics of an electrical corona” (field of light).

Subtle Energy in the body is the basis for Energy Medicine.  In addition to helping to recharge our cells, scientists who study Subtle Energy show that mathematically it could slow or reverse aging.  One of the interesting tests we have done to study aging and Subtle Energy is a test with young children to see if they have more Subtle Energy than adults.  We did this by having many children under the age of 10, hold a cold glass of water with both hands for 30 seconds and then test the water.  The test was to taste the water and put the water on the skin.  There was a big noticeable change.  The water tasted softer, almost bigger than normal water and it felt very smooth on skin.  When we tested this with teens some could do it and some could not.  Very few adults could do it and the ones that did, looked very young for their age.  This led us to a new theory of aging… The Subtle Energy Theory of Aging.  This Theory says... Aging occurs because the amount of Subtle Energy in us declines as we age and we can no longer support our cells with the same amount of electrical energy of youth that comes with the ability to form the energy packed micro clustered water.

Cami, the person seen in the video is her 40’s and had the biggest change.  Dennis is in his 70’s and also showed a big change to the water.  Notice how after the samples are inverted Cami and Dennis both show 3 peaks that are at 1.75 minutes apart indicating the possibility of some kind of wave.   By the way, a young boy was also tested. He can be seen in the video but is not in the graph because he was not able to show much of a change to the water. So one could say he serves as "control".  It is clear that while the results of the Reiki practitioners decline with time, some kind of a major change occurred to the sealed vials of water due to the influence of Reiki Energy. This leads to two questions.  What is the mechanism involved with the inversion?  How does Subtle Energy benefit the body?

Before we answer the inversion question we need to look at how Subtle Energy benefits the body. Here is possible explanation based on research presented in The Fourth Phase of Water, by Dr. Gerald Pollack and tests done at our labs.  The unusual diagram below is for a unique type of water droplet that was proven to exist in Dr. Pollack’s research and was published in his book. 

~~Some background about this revolutionary discovery… This information is for scientists, Universities and the news media.  For information about our products visit 

This discovery proves the existence of Subtle Energy. What is Subtle Energy? Subtle Energy is the basis of acupuncture, Reiki and 4,000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is also called CHI and is believed to be moving around us at speeds greater than the speed of light. This Light Energy Secret is an Organizing Energy which makes life possible. Critics have said it was pseudoscience or the placebo effect or wishful thinking because attempts to prove it and measure it have always involved the human body. Now that has changed. Subtle Energy is no longer pseudoscience.  Jim Kaszyk has been capturing and bottling this energy secret for more than 20 years and finally has been scientifically able to prove it and measure it. Because this energy exists outside the human body the claim is made that a new form of Subtle Energy has been discovered. This energy has been proven to exist independent of life, but remarkably lab testing shows when applied to the face, it flows throughout the entire body through acupuncture energy channels like life force energy does. (Summary of ReportContact Us) 

The Story of the Scientific Proof shows a letter from the William A. Tiller Labs, the independent lab whom Jim Kaszyk approached to do the study. This letter was sent to Jim after the report was published. You will see that they had been trying to prove the existence of Subtle Energy for 40 years and had almost given up by the time Jim contacted them.

 Einstein’s Equation and Subtle Energyis a mathematical proof as seen in the book Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber, MD predicting a Spectrum of faster than light Subtle Energies and an unseen dimension. Proving this, solves a Big problem for Science... Why the laws of Science are different for the living and the non-living.  The published lab report can be seen here

A little science and a Challenge to the News Media and Science Publications. This discovery was made because the atom is 99% empty space and all atoms are according to the Unified Field Theory appearing and disappearing from the Unified Field. That is, matter is flashing on and off so rapidly we cannot see it. Our process was created to improve the effectiveness of ingredients by interacting with the atoms when they were in the pure energy state in the Unified Field. (There was one problem. The flashing on and off is supposed to be random, but we felt that may not be true and it is instead so complex it seems to be random.) Apparently we are correct because we have been successful in adding energy to ingredients and that led to the accidental discovery of a new form of Subtle Energy. The easiest way for the News Media and Science Publications to prove this Subtle Energy claim is to test a sample of our Subtle Energy infused water for a peak at 270 nm as was done in the Laboratory report published March 2014 in Volume 6, P 35-44 of the science journal, WATER, and to verify that nothing physical has been added to the water. 

Subtle Energy is connected to an innate force in the body.  In the book, Vibrational Medicine, the innate force is referred to as a “Programmer”.  It is important not to do things that can lower your vibration and make it hard for the programmer to function. That includes not putting things on your skin that lower your vibration.  Here is a link to some videos about doing no harm to the Programmer and the Natural Skin Renewal Process (NSRP).   (At the time the video was made we had not proven Subtle Energy was real so we could not clearly say the programmer may be vibrating at speeds in excess of the speed of light.)

We have proven that Subtle Energy is real by showing that it causes water to form micro clusters, which can be measured as a change in the cloudiness (turbidity) of the water.  Can this same test be used to show that the Subtle Energy Reiki practitioners work with also causes water to form micro clusters?  Here is a link to a page where you can see a test that was done with a Reiki practitioner using the same turbidity meter and test procedure that was used in the 2 year scientific study. The second video (photo of the turbidity meter) will show you the test that was done. This is just one test result but it does show a big change has occurred to the water sample.  

A turbidity meter measures the amount of scattered light from "stuff" suspended in water. In this case the vials were sealed and nothing has been added.  That means the readings are due to micro clustering of the water from exposure to Reiki Energy.  Here is a graph of the results shown in the video.  It shows the results of two Reiki practitioners.  Both were videoed, but to keep the video short it only shows one of them.