Light Energy Secret

~~The Story of The Scientific Proof Validating That The Elusive, Theoretical, Anti-aging Energy, known as Subtle Energy, ExistsA letter from the William A. Tiller Labs

When Jim Kaszyk first asked us to determine if a sample of his product contained Subtle Energy, we were reluctant. It was nothing personal, but over a period of years, we had tested many Subtle Energy products and few responded with a clear or consistent Subtle Energy signature. By the time Jim came along, we had become dubious of claims made of this nature.

This energy was given the name Subtle Energy by Dr. Tiller many years ago, not because the energy was weak, but because it was difficult to capture or to nail it down. Another frustration among us and other researchers was that attempts to measure Subtle Energy usually involved the human energy field either in the measurement or in its creation. Critics could say that it was all just the placebo effect or wishful thinking. The tests we had developed earlier did not incorporate the human energy field into the testing process but were complicated and took weeks. However, more recently developed tests did not involve the human energy field in the process and were much more easy to perform.

The water samples, called Sun Lovers Mist, which Kaszyk sent were supposedly Subtle Energy infused and contained only water and subtle energy. One characteristic of Subtle Energy is that it produces anomalies that are difficult to explain via conventional physics. Surprisingly, these samples had so much Subtle Energy; they allowed us to create new test procedures to measure the amount of Subtle Energy by making turbidity measurements. That is, the Subtle Energy caused the bulk water to form micro clusters that scattered light as if they were tiny particles even though other test procedures showed there was only water present with no physical particles. 

Additional tests using a UV Spectrophotometer showed a peak at 270 nm. This also verified the presence of the extraordinary structure seen in the water. Normally, pure spring water, which is the basis of what Kaszyk’s Sun Lovers Mist is, does not show this peak even a little. A peak at 270nm is usually only seen when a 6 carbon atom ring type structure is present, but here we have only pure water showing it. Again this is another exception to our laws of conventional science and it is more proof that verifies the presence of Subtle Energy. Prior to this, Subtle Energy was considered to be a “theoretical energy”. Now its existence has been proven and we have ways to measure it. This is huge for science because Subtle Energy is observed to be Organizing energy and challenges our ideas about entropy creation. We also believe this energy moves at speeds in excess of the speed of light, which challenges our current paradigm of what is possible.

Walter E. Dibble, Ph. D. July 18, 2014

The William A. Tiller Institute