Light Energy Secret

~~Einstein’s Equation and Subtle Energy

Most of us are familiar with E=MC² . The complete Einstein Equation as seen above, shows how Energy increases as the Velocity increases compared to C the speed of light. If the speed forV is smaller than 100,000 miles per hour the bottom part of the equation becomes insignificant and the equation becomes E= MC². Above that speed, the values rise exponentially up to C the speed of light but never reach C . A simple analogy to understand why with this type of equation no matter how large the energy gets it can never reach C is a foot ball game and a team being penalized half the distance to the goal.  Suppose the team is very bad and it keeps getting penalized half the distance to the goal.  If this happened out to infinity the ball would get very close to the goal line but it could never reach it. 

If the speed for V is greater than the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, the equation gives values that are the square root of a negative number which are imaginary numbers. Einstein and other physicists said these ridiculous numbers were proof that something could not move faster than the speed of light.

This graph is from the research of Dr. William Tiller, PhD. In 1989, the book Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, MD was published. When Jim Kaszyk read the book and saw Tiller’s graph, his life was forever changed. Jim was skeptical at first, but the graph convinced him that Energy could theoretically move faster than the speed of light.

The two curves are made by substituting different values for V in the above equation. The curve at the top left starts at zero and shows that as the Velocity increases, Energy increases. This curve represents all of the known energies we can feel, touch and measure. The curve at the bottom right was produced by substituting speeds for V greater than the speed of light. Notice how when the speed exceeds C there is a huge change. A complete flip has occurred and the graph shows a mirror image of the curve above. These imaginary numbers predict the existence of a revolutionary spectrum of energies known as Subtle Energies and because they are not an extension of the Physical Universe, they predict  the existence of an "unseen" dimension.

If the existence of the imaginary dimension could be proven it would solve a BIG Problem.  The laws of science do not apply equally to the living and the non-living!  The laws of physics that describe how our Universe works are based on matter and energy.  Everything in the living and the non-living is made of matter and energy.  So theoretically, the laws of science should work for both, but they do not.   

In the non-living the law of entropy works.  The law of entropy says that everything decays, becomes disorganized and falls apart with time. In the living we know that is not true. Even though your body is made of the same atoms and molecules of the non-living it does renew itself.  What is it that allows for this huge exception to one of our basic laws of science? 

The answer according to 4,000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine is a mysterious “unseen energy” called Chi, which is the basis for acupuncture.  The reason it was called unseen is that science had no way to measure it. This same energy is also the basis for Reiki Healing.   Scientists who study this energy claim it is an Organizing Energy, which by definition stops or reverses the disorganization of matter.  This creates the huge exception to the law of entropy.  They also claim it is moving at speeds faster than light and that is why it is difficult to prove.    

Most scientists would say that it is impossible for something to move faster than the speed of light and if it were proven to be true it is the equivalent of punching science in the stomach and throwing it down the stairs because then everything else about our laws of physics is wrong. However, there is a saving grace that allows for both possibilities to be true… Things cannot move faster than the speed of light and things can move faster than the speed of light.  That is because according to the Einstein Mathematical Proof, the Organizing, Faster than Light Energy is not part of this dimension. It comes from another dimension and only when it interacts with this dimension can its effects be seen.  

In March of 2014 Organizing Energy was scientifically proven to exist. Scientists knew for years Subtle Energy existed because it produced results contrary to our laws of physics.  Before 2014 scientists who tried to prove its existence either had to use the body as part of the measurement of it or in the creation of it.  Critics therefore said it was all the placebo effect or wishful thinking.  The lab report published in March 2014 in the peer reviewed science journal WATER was done making measurements independent of the body, proving conclusively the Energy Existed and most importantly for Science, the indirect proof of the existence of another dimension.  Proving the existence of let’s call it an imaginary dimension since we can’t see it, is a huge discovery for science because it allows us to explain the law of entropy exception we see in the living.  The living is a blend of our dimension and Organizing Energy from the other dimension.  The living does renew thanks to organizing energy.  In March of 2014, research was published in the journal WATER, proving the existence of Subtle Energy. Here is a quote from that Journal: “Kaszyk created a process using proprietary catalytic towers that work energetically to interact with matter when it is coupled with the subtle energy field. The result is Kaszyk, unknowingly concentrated a new form of subtle energy…”